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These are some of the initiatives that Citigroup Centre is proud to be a part of.

Green Power

Since 1 January 2007, our GreenPower partner, Origin Energy, has been supplying a percentage of Citigroup Centre's base building electricity from wind and solar sources in NSW, VIC and SA.

In order to be accredited with the GreenPower 'tick', the energy must be generated from a renewable source which meets strict environmental standards.
Our Recycling Program

The Citigroup Centre encourages tenants to participate in our "zero bin system" which uses centrally located pods to dispose of waste. The pods are sepearted into 3 different waste streams: General Landfill, Co-Mingled Recycling & Paper/Cardboard. In addition to this we also have organic recycling, battery recycling, fluorescent lamp recycling and run regular Electronic Waste (E-Waste) recycling which is free for tenants within the building.  
If you are interested in learning more please contact the Tenant Relationship Manager. 
CitySwitch Green Office

CitySwitch Green Office is a national tenant energy management program run in partnership between the cities of Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta, Willoughby, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane and state government agencies, the Department of Environment & Climate Change NSW and Sustainability Victoria.

The program works with tenants to improve office energy efficiency, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions attributed to global warming. One of the main reasons for choosing this way to save energy is that tenants can influence up to 50 percent of total energy use in office buildings.

CitySwitch Signatories commit to achieve and maintain an accredited 4 stars or higher NABERS Energy tenancy rating. NABERS Energy measures and rates a tenancy's actual yearly greenhouse gas emissions using 12 months of energy bills.

The commitment can be achieved by simple, easy to implement actions which increase energy efficiency such as:
  • installing energy efficient lighting and office equipment
  • changing to flat screen monitors
  • activating sleep mode on equipment where applicable
  • upgrading lighting controls including occupancy sensors and timers
  • purchasing GreenPower from renewable sources
  • educating staff on the benefits of energy efficiency


Your building Owners and Managers have signed up to the City Switch Green Office program. For more details see www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/cityswitch