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Ratings - Citigroup Centre

Measuring Environmental Impact

The Citigroup Centre building has achieved 4.5 star (5 star with green power) under NABERS Energy, and 3.5 stars under NABERS Water which is current until January 2016.
What is NABERS?
NABERS (the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a performance-based rating system which measures the overall environmental performance of a building during its hours of operation.
NABERS can be used to define and set operational performance targets and measure and rate actual performance.
The NABERS Energy rating tool for offices, previously known as the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) was launched in 1998. NABERS Energy assists owners and tenants to reduce energy use, costs and greenhouse emissions. It benchmarks a building's greenhouse impact on a scale of one to five, one star being the most polluting and five stars the least.
NABERS Water measures the water consumption of an office building on a scale of one to five stars, reflecting the performance of the building relative to the market, from least efficient (one star) to best practice (five stars). Two and a half stars is the current market average.
The NABERS Waste rating for offices allows you to compare the waste generation and recycling performance of your office to other similar buildings, and is the first step in reducing your impact on the environment.
NABERS Indoor Environment Quality rating for offices allows you to compare the indoor environmental performance of your office to other similar buildings, and is the first step in managing the building's impact on its occupants.
For more detailed information about the NABERS scheme, go to www.nabers.com.au.
Green Star Office ratings, developed by the Green Building Council of Australia, are designed to assess the environmental potential of office buildings. These ratings establish how the premises will perform under ideal circumstances based on design information and management processes. The actual operational performance data established by NABERS ratings will complement Green Star ratings, establishing a valuable feedback loop to building designers, developers, tenants and owners.
NABERS Certificates for Citigroup Centre
Citigroup Centre Energy Certificate Citigroup Centre Water Certificate